Doctor Who Illuminations

By Mark
As you may have known due to my previous posts, David Tennant turned on the Blackpool Lights yesterday. Not only did David turn on the lights, but a display of Doctor Who Themed lights were also put up. These Doctor Who lights are located near the Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition.

Thanks to The Mekon for these fantastic pictures of the Doctor Who Illuminations;

Also The Mekon managed to take another great picture, this being of an advertisement poster of David Tennant turning on the lights. Here it is;

Here is a video of David Tennant at the Blackpool Lights, including the countdown and the turning of the lights;

Thanks to Exhilarant from Youtube for uploading the video. It's great, especially for those who unfortunately couldn't go.

It seemed like a fun night.

Again I would like to thank The Mekon for taking the photos, all credit goes towards The Mekin.

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P.S: Are you lucky enough to have gone to the event? Got any pictures, videos or even just a comment or detail about David Tennant turning on the lights? Feel free to send them here. Any of these would be much appreciated, If you want me to publish the picture, video or comment, I will and credit under what you wanted to be credited as.


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