Doctor Who Adventures # 38

By Mark
Thanks to Doctor Who Online for the image of the cover.
BBC Magazines have released information and the cover for Doctor Who Adventures Issue 38, this issue comes with numerous sheets of stickers. Doctor Who Adventures Issue 38 is released on Thursday 13th September at the price of £2.10.

Here is what BBC Magazines have to say;
Weeping Angels beat Daleks to Top Spot in Doctor Who Adventures magazine’s
Scariest Monster Poll
Over 2000 Doctor Who Adventures readers have voted the Weeping Angels as the Scariest Monsters of the most recent Doctor Who television series. The Weeping Angels beat the likes of the Master and the Daleks to the scariest monster title.
Although the Daleks will always be popular, it was this year’s Weeping Angels that had the Doctor Who Adventures readers (and their parents) diving behind the sofa.
A massive 55% of the votes went to the sinister Weeping Angel statues, with the Master coming in 2nd with 15% of the votes and the Daleks coming in 3rd with a mere 4 %.
Moray Laing, Editor of Doctor Who Adventures says, “The Weeping Angels are a fantastic addition to the long list of scary monsters in Doctor Who. Children will definitely remember being scared by them for years to come. Also, the idea that you could possibly escape a creature by not blinking is inspired... but it's not as easy as it sounds! The Daleks usually come top of every monster poll - so the Weeping Angels should be proud of their achievement! I wonder what the Daleks would say to the news?”
Doctor Who Adventures is the UK’s fastest growing consumer magazine.*
There are loads of fascinating facts about the Weeping Angels in the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out on 13th September.

Scariest Monster 2007 votes:
1 Weeping Angels (55%)
2 The Master (15%)
3 The Daleks (4%)

The Weeping Angels won with a massive percentage of the vote, 55%. This magazine will be available in all good shops near you tomorrow. I will be buying it , Will you?
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