The Character Of Sarah Jane

By Mark
The BBC Doctor Who Website has extracts of an interview with Russell T Davies discussing the character of Sarah Jane Smith. Discussing Elisabeth Sladen and nods to the past to be featured in Sarah Jane Adventures, here is the article;
Russell T Davies explains Sarah Jane's enduring appeal.
With the launch of series one of The Sarah Jane Adventures almost upon us, Russell T Davies reveals that even though she's been around since 1973, the character of Sarah Jane still holds a few surprises.
"Can you believe it's 34 years since we first saw Sarah Jane Smith on screen?," Executive Producer Russell told us. "And there's still so much to learn about the character. She's got a family now, which means carrying on the Doctor's legacy but having to look after others.
"Of course, the character's longevity is in no small part down to the brilliant Lis Sladen who knows Sarah Jane inside out," he added. "But the whole cast is amazing. And I can promise long-term fans of the show a few cheeky nods to the past."
The Sarah Jane Adventures begins its ten-week BBC One run at 5pm on Monday 24 September 2007. The first story, called Revenge Of The Slitheen, is written by The Shakespeare Code's Gareth Roberts.

6 Days to go till Sarah Jane Adventures starts.
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