Who's going to Rome?

By Mark
The Doctor and Donna are heading from Rome in the new series. However unfortunately the filming has been delayed due to a fire in the Studios they were filming.
Here is what The Sun have to say;

Filming on Doctor Who was thrown into chaos after an Italian film set bosses planned to use, was hit by a fire.
Crew on the BBC1 drama flew out to Rome’s Cinecitta studios — where the Beeb filmed their epic Rome series — earlier this week.
They plan to make an Ancient Rome-themed episode for Doctor Who’s fourth series there later this year.
But on Thursday night a huge blaze ripped through the studio — destroying masses of expensive BBC equipment.
Fifty firefighters battled the 40-foot flames all night — but by the time the fire was contained a third of the studio was destroyed.
An insider said: “It was a huge blaze. At one point, it looked like the whole studio was a goner. It threw a real spanner in the works for the Doctor Who team.
“They’re planning an episode where the Doctor goes back in time to Ancient Rome and thought it would be perfect to use the set.
“Filming on Rome has finished so it wasn’t being used.”
Rome was a huge critical hit for BBC2 and won plaudits for its extravagant special effects.
The £50million production used five acres of outdoor sets to recreate the ancient city.
Who bosses still plan to use the set once fire damage has been cleared up, with insiders suggesting crucial parts were still intact.
Doctor Who executive producer Julie Gardner said: “Some of the production team have been looking at locations in Italy for the new series.
“The Doctor will have a Roman adventure.”

I hope the filming starts again soon, I can't wait to see The Doctor and Donna in Rome , it will be great.
What do you think of the Doctor and Donna heading to Rome?
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