Two Shakespearean Roles For David Tennant

By Mark
The Royal Shakespeare Company are proud to announce that David Tennant will be involved in their productions in 2008. David Tennant, who plays the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who, is set to play Berowne in Shakespeare's well known play "Love's Labour's Lost". Love's Labour's Lost was a major part of "The Shakespeare Code" in Series 3 of Doctor Who. David Tennant is also set to play the title role in "Hamlet". Patrick Stewart will be playing Claudius in Hamlet.

  • July 24th - November 15th 2008 - David Tennant will star in Hamlet
  • October 2nd - November 15th 2008 - David Tennant will play Berowne in Loves Labour's Lost.
Congratulations David on getting two roles on stage, I'm sure you will be great.
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