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By Mark
A detailed report of the Doctor Who Video Game, yet to be named, was released yesterday. This news reports that it will be a card game based around the Doctor Who Top Trumps.
The game will be all about Doctor Who and not feature different top trumps games. They are listing some top trumps packs (which are being sold in the shops, not ones that will feature in the game) in the report below;
Here’s the report;

The popular sci-fi BBC TV show "Doctor Who" will be getting a video game in time for the holiday season.
Some 43 years after it premiered on television, the popular series Doctor Who will beam onto the PC, PlayStation 2, DS, and mobile phones this holiday season. Very little is known so far about the game, which is currently being advertised inside the new Doctor Who card pack of the popular Top Trumps card game.
Eidos will be publishing the game, which is being developed by its Ironstone Partners studio. Eidos would not reveal any further details on the title, except to say it would be "extremely loyal to the Top Trumps brand."
There is a huge variety of Top Trumps card games with pop-culture themes, including WWE, Manchester United Football Stars, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. In each, cards feature characters or vehicles with scores for attributes such as speed and stamina. The starting player chooses a category and uses his or her top-scoring card, and all other players must try to beat it with one of their cards. The winner then collects cards from all other players, and the ultimate winner is the person who ends up with the whole pack of cards.
Doctor Who is a British science-fiction TV series which has been running since 1963. The star of the series is the mysterious character The Doctor, who is the last surviving member of an alien race called the Timelords. A variety of actors have played the role of The Doctor since the start of the series, as Timelords have the ability to regenerate into a different form instead of dying. Actors who have played the role include Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Colin Baker, and the current star, David Tennant. The show has become a cultural touchstone in the UK, with such foes as the Cybermen and the Daleks becoming icons amongst the sci-fi set.

In time for the Holiday Season? Is that this summer? Is that this Christmas?
Interesting, I can’t wait for this game, hopefully if this sells well, they can release a RPG/Adventure game which personally I think would be better.
A game is better than no game and it sounds quite good.
Thanks to Gamespot for the report.
What do you think of the report about the game?
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