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By Mark
Picture above made by me by putting the covers together.
Two new issues Doctor Who Magazine are set for release soon. The monthly Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 386 will be released on Thursday 23rd August 2007 at the normal price of £3.99. A special Doctor Who Magazine “The Doctor Who Companion Series Three” will be released on Thursday 16th August 2007 at the price of £6.99.
They have previously released “The Doctor Who Companion Series One” and “The Doctor Who Companion Series Two”, both of them were brilliant and a great read.
Thanks to Kasterborous, here is what is in the magazine;

Doctor Who Magazine # 386
This issue, Doctor Who’s head writer and executive producer Russell T Davies talks candidly about his plans for the Christmas Special and Series Four...
"This year’s Christmas Special was always going to have a one-off companion, little knowing that it would be Kylie! I like the Christmas-ness of a one-off. As you’ll see, there’s a whole new take – again – on what a companion can be…"
Russell reveals secrets concerning the return of ‘Runaway Bride’ Donna… "She gives us the chance to be blunt about things, and be gob smacked by things. Of course, she’ll still be brave and heroic sometimes, and she’ll save the Doctor’s life, but equally… for example, there’s one episode where they land on an alien planet, and the first thing she does is go back in the TARDIS to find the right coat!"
Also in the mag, Barry Newbery, Doctor Who designer during the 60s, 70s and 80s, is given a VIP tour of Upper Boat in Cardiff where the series is now filmed; the Fact of Fiction looks at the Master’s very first appearance in Terror of the Autons; Edward Thomas gives an in-depth insight into production design; and the Doctor and Martha begin a new comic strip adventure, The First. Plus, the Time Team reflect upon the Fifth Doctor’s final stories, Gareth Roberts pens Production Notes and there’s a bumper edition of the Space Time Telegraph!
Plus, of course, there’s all the latest exclusive casting news from BBC Wales, an exclusive new pic of the Doctor and Donna, a review of the three-part series finale, and all your usual favourites! Don’t miss it!

The Doctor Who Companion Series Three
Doctor Who Magazine’s latest official in-depth special looks back over the most recent season of adventures for our time-travelling hero. It features a step-by-step guide to the making of all 13 episodes, as well as the 2006 Christmas Special The Runaway Bride, the animated adventure The Infinite Quest, and last November’s hugely successful Children in Need concert. Doctor Who Magazine has been given exclusive access to all the scripts and shooting schedules – find out what was shot when and where; what was left on the cutting-room floor and why; even the truth behind a few of those rumours that hit the tabloids!
Plus, for the first time anywhere, executive producer and head writer Russell T Davies unveils the genesis of each and every story, with fascinating behind-the-scenes revelations. Discover why the Empress of the Racnoss never visited Stonehenge, how jazz changed the Daleks’ plans for Manhattan, what Spider-Man and Professor Lazarus might have had in common, and why the TARDIS got kicked off the moon!
Packed with never-before-seen photographs, anecdotes and comments from the men and women who make the programme, script extracts, deleted scenes and a full list of cast, crew, transmission times and ratings, this is the ultimate guide to Doctor Who 2007.

The Magazines both look great and have lovely covers. I will be buying both of these magazines as I usually do.
Will you be buying these magazines?
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