Doctor Who "Invader" Cards

By Mark
The New set of “Battles in Time” cards have been announced, they are called “Invader” and are the third set. The first set was called “Exterminator” and the second set was called “Annihilator”. The picture above is of the booster packets in the display box.
The Cards inside will consist mainly of Series 3 cards, I suspect. There will probably be some extra Series 2 and 1 card’s as well to add in to the other collections. The “Invader” set is not out yet, but will be in shops near you very soon.
Will you be buying them? I will
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  1. simon 4 August 2007 at 16:56
    wow i cant wait for them to come out they look soooooo kool :)
  2. simon 4 August 2007 at 17:18
    where did you get this info?

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