Doctor Who Battles In Time Issue 25

By Mark
Doctor Who Battles In Time Issue 25 was released today. I bought my copy today through subscription at WHSmith as they don’t sell them independently. You have to subscribe to get the issues from WHSmith.
This issue has the Jagrafess on the front and is priced at £2.50. Inside the issue there are many features including;
  • Deck Doctor
  • Card Clash
  • FAQ On Love And Monsters
  • The Long Game/Jagrafess Quiz
  • Jagrafess Deep Freeze Demon (The Long Game Episode Guide)
  • Comic Strip (End Game)
  • Dalek Wars
  • Brain Busters

This magazine is action packed and a good read , It also comes free with a packet of Exterminator/Annihilator cards. Next Week's Issue comes with two packets of "Invader" cards (the new set of cards).

Why not buy your copy?
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  1. simon 22 August 2007 at 15:58
    i have to wait a month to get 2 issues but in 2weeks i get invader cards wooooooo
  2. simon 22 August 2007 at 16:22
    oh and mark its not next week its in 2weeks lol

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