Doctor Who Battles In Time # 24

By Mark
Doctor Who Battles In Time Issue 24 was released yesterday. I received my copy yesterday through subscription at WHSmith as they don’t sell them independently. You have to subscribe.
This issue has the Macra on the front and is priced at £2.50. Inside the issue there are many features including
  • Deck Doctor
  • Card Clash
  • FAQ
  • Gridlock Episode Guide
  • Gridlock Quiz
  • Comic Strip "Lock, Stocks and Barrel"
  • Dalek Wars
  • Brain Busters
  • Behind The Scenes : Cyber Designers
This magazine is action packed and a good read , It also comes free with a packet of Exterminator/Annihilator cards.
Why not buy your copy?
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  1. simon 10 August 2007 at 13:19
    i subscribed with the company that makes them and i get 2 a month today i got that Macra one and the next 1 month you get 2packs of invader cards with the mag i cant wait!

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