David Tennant For The Entire Of Series Four

By Mark
David Tennant will be playing The Doctor for the whole of Doctor Who Series 4, it has officially been confirmed. In an interview with DWM (Doctor Who Magazine), Russell T Davies was asked if the rumours that David would only be doing half of series four were true. Russell replied;
"No, he's doing the whole series. It was never even discussed that he might leave after six episodes. That's completely invented by the papers."
Thanks to David-Tennant.com for the information.

This is really good news, I am so happy that David will be staying for the whole run of Series 4 as he is a great actor and my favourite Doctor. David Tennant was also voted the Greatest Doctor in the poll on this site earlier this month.

I hope David Tennant can stay and beat Tom Baker's Record of how long they played The Doctor. I just hope he doesn't regenerate at the end of Doctor Who Series 4.

Are you happy that David Tennant is staying as The Doctor? I am.
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