Dalek Day

By Mark
On 26th August, 68 Daleks appeared at the Doctor Who Exhibition in Manchester in attempt to beat a world record, and that they managed. To beat the world record there had to be at least 50 Daleks (Or people dressed like a Dalek) at the Doctor Who Exhibition. With 68 Daleks, Doctor Who fans have got their place into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Here is what Doctor Who Online has to say;

Doctor Who fans exterminate their way into the world record books.
On Sunday 26th August, hundreds of Doctor Who fans descended upon Manchester to break a world record for the largest number of Daleks (or people wearing Dalek costumes) in one place.
A whole menagerie of different coloured / shaped Daleks were there to do their part for the record attempt, and the chance to meet their maker was offered up as Raymond Cusick (Dalek Designer) was in attendance.
The significant figure that had to be broken was 50 Daleks in one place, and we are pleased to announce that the record was smashed with a staggering 68 Daleks in total.
Exterminating this record is going to take some beating.... Ahem.
The attempt was organised by The Museum of Science and Industry, which also boasts the fantastic Doctor Who Up-Close Exhibition.
The exhibition includes several characters from the latest series three of the Doctor Who TV programme, such as the Judoon and a witch-like creature called a Carrionite. Other stars of the show featured in the exhibition include the impressive four metre-long Empress of Racnoss character, the eight-feet tall Slitheen, Clockwork Robots, ‘Sisters of Plenitude’, and the ancient Face of Boe.

Thanks to Doctor Who Online and Nathan McLachlan for the pictures.
Congratulations to all the fans who managed to bring their Daleks and congratulations to the Doctor Who Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.
Doctor Who Up-Close at MoSI has attracted over 100,000 visitors (2 of them being me as I’ve been twice to the exhibition) since it opened on 31st March.
It’s a great exhibition and I recommend it to any Doctor Who Fan.
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