Cyber Rumour

By Mark
There are rumours suggesting that the Cybermen will return. A lot of speculation is happening and the Cybus Corporation site has been updated. It's a very interesting update saying that a Cybus Corporation.2 system is reinitializing. Maybe this means that the Cybermen's system is rebooting and we will see return of the Cybermen?
Maybe one survived , after all the Cyberwoman did in torchwood thanks to Ianto Jones. Also we never found out what happened to Yvonne Hartman as she was not fully upgraded, and still felt emotions , maybe she wasn't sucked into the Void.
The Cyber Corporation Site can be found here.
I would love the Cybermen to return.
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  1. Carly 10 August 2007 at 13:46
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  2. Carly 10 August 2007 at 13:46
    Very interesting post. I to would love the Cybermen to return, they were great and one of my favourites. If they return in the new series along with the Ood then that will be fantastic!!!
  3. Robert Cyberman 10 August 2007 at 15:22
    Awesome news Mark, but by the looks of the site it kind of suggests a return to Torchwood. There is a Torchwood logo behind the cyberman's head. This to me would at least mean Torchwood appearing, which could tie up Noel Clarks (Mickey's) comment or the speculation surrounding his return. If Mickey is in Series 4 this be the episode or episodes hes in for sure.
  4. BeckyTheSuperGeek! 10 August 2007 at 20:19
    i like the cybermen
    but i kinda think they've had their time
    coz they're always finding more ways, more loopholes, so they survived.
    and cybermen in Torchwood?
    dunno, i like to see new aliens and enemies in Torchwood, different from Doctor Who, but this is just me.

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