Torchwood's Bomb!

By Mark
Thanks to for the image which is courtesy of The Sun

Wow after looking at the picture above, isn't it amazing what Torchwood effects will look like. Torchwood Series 2 is still being filmed and the picture above is from an explosion scene in one of the episodes.

People were shocked they chose to film it just after the news of local bombs in cars around.

Here is what The Sun have to say;

The BBC was slammed yesterday for staging a huge city-centre explosion just 24 hours after the Glasgow Airport terror attack.
The enormous blast was set off during filming for a new series of the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.
It sent smoke and debris billowing from a building and rocked the centre of Cardiff close to the city’s Millennium Stadium.
Panic-stricken locals feared real terrorists had struck at another major city as stunt men rolled around in mock agony from the “bomb”.
Realistic ... the 'bomb' explodesDad-of-three Pete Humphries, 47, said: “The BBC must be mad doing this now.
"It was loud and frightening. It is incredibly insensitive. My blood ran cold when I heard that bang.”
Mum-of-two Amanda Thomas, 34, said: “I jumped out of my skin. It was a huge bang and I thought of terrorism straight away.
“You’d think the police might have stopped the BBC doing it after what’s happened over the last few days with terrorism. They’ve targeted London and Glasgow so any major city might be next.”
Before the blast, in a disused county court building in Westgate Street, cops asked local media to warn the public.
The BBC issued their own alert online and on local radio an hour before detonation.
Inspector Andy Walbeoff, of South Wales Police, said: “We decided to issue the warning because of the heightened state of alert after the other incidents.
“We didn’t want people running away thinking there were real bombs going off. We watched the explosion from our control rooms on our cameras and it seemed to make a mighty bang.”
The BBC said the blast was planned more than six weeks ago — well before the latest terror alert — and permission had been given by the city council and police.
A Beeb member of staff said: “It took a lot of money, time and planning to arrange it for the one day. It would have caused chaos to scrap it all.”
A production worker added: “We could not tell everyone who might be in the city centre. We apologise if anyone was frightened.”
The BBC said: “Everything went to plan. We do not wish to discuss the politics of the situation.”
Torchwood starts later this year.

Torchwood later this year? We heard the news it was next year. This could be a mistake by The Sun.
What an effect that explosion has, can't wait to see it on television.
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