Alan Dale for Torchwood Series 2

By Mark

Alan Dale, famous for playing Bradford Meade Ugly Betty, is set to appear in Torchwood Series 2. This news comes from the BBC so it is true and not a rumour.
Alan Dale has also appeared in Neighbours, Lost, The Forgotten, 24, CSI Miama and The X files along with many other roles.
Welcome to the Torchwood Institute for a guest appearance Alan , I'm sure you will be fine apart from the aliens or extra terrestial lifeforms bothering the Torchwood Team.

What do you think of Alan Appearing?
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  1. Robert Cyberman 17 July 2007 at 02:46
    Just so you know Mark, Alan Dale absolutely hated Neighbours and the production team behind it. He has recently appeared on Australian tv in an interview on Today Tonight, to talk about it. Today Tonight screens on channel 7 here. Dale stated it was a time in his career he would rather forget, and has subsequently refused to appear in their 20th Anniversary special. Just thought you should know. He is a gret actor though.

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