Torchwood Series 2 Titles Update

By Mark

Thanks to Bryn aka Brax we now have an idea (not for definite, these may be rumours) on some episode titles. If these are not correct they are along the right lines.

Torchwood Series 2 Episode 6 "Reset"

Torchwood Series 2 Episode 10 "Death To Torchwood"

Thanks once again Bryn aka Brax.
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  1. gaz 19 June 2007 at 16:55
    im not allowed to watch torchwood
  2. Robert Cyberman 20 June 2007 at 04:19
    Hi Mark,

    I'm not sure how accurate this is. Paul: Earth Defence has all of the episode titles and brief synopses on his site. He has had these up for quite a while now, though where he has got his info from is unknown. Which is why I haven't put them up on TWpr. Worth your while investigating though. Nice post any way.


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