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By Mark
The Picture above was made by me through print screen and is therefore copyright to Tardis And Torchwood Treasures and the BBC, This alien features in next weeks episode "Utopia".
There has been more videos released of Utopia which are very interesting;
Doctor Who Confidential Utopia Teaser

Speculation (Not my speculation) suggest that (Invisotexted Highlight below If you want to see a possible spoiler)
bigbadbo06 from Youtube suggests
Check out how shocked David Tennant looks at 00:33, especially with the yellow/orange light, similar light to when Chris Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant, Suggesting there is a regeneration but not of the Doctor but the professor in this episode. Could we have all got Mr Saxon wrong as being the master when its the Professor?

Also the BBC Official Doctor Who Site has released a trailer for "Utopia" which is now showing on BBC 1 and BBC 2. The Video can be found here
New Utopia Trailer

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  1. Anonymous 11 June 2007 at 20:38
    An anonymous source on Unitnews ages ago did actually say a proffessor would regenerate this series. Also, the Doctor says, "I'm the last of the time-lords". Does this mean either
    a) He is saying it in grief after the possible proffessors death (it might have been his last regeneration)
    b) the prof told him, yet the Doctor didn't believe him
    c) none of these! :-)

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