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By Mark
John Simm is The Master Of The Radio Times this week , as he is on the cover and the Radio Times has a big feature on "The Last Of The Timelords" this week.

Firstly The Master features on the front cover as can be seen Above. The Radio Times join John Simm on set of the series finale.

Secondly They have a big article on "The Last Of The Timelords" , a picture of part of the article can be seen above thanks to the Radio Times Website. In case you can't read the writing next to the picture of the Master here is what it says;

Master Of The Universe!
He was so much nicer as Sam Tyler! Yes, John Simm's stepping into the shoes of the Doctor's Nemesis, The Master, in the season finale of Doctor Who. We Take you behind the scenes of the climatic end, with exclusive photos shot by none other than Freema Ageyman.
Doctor Who
Saturday, BBC1

Finally the Radio Times are offering a life size dalek cut out for free. There are 50 up for grabs, I sure hope i will be luckily enough to get one and hope you all of my readers are too. Here is how the radio times website describe it;

There's Panic on the streets of London... Manchester, Eastbourne or perhaps even Inverness. Yes, In This Issue we're giving you the once in a lifetime chance to win one of those superbly detailed, life size cutout Daleks (Pictured Above) to bring the threat of intergalactic terror to whichever of corner of the globe you call home. If You're a Who fan, you wont want to miss out!

All images were printscreened by me from a flash homepage , I edited the pictures to cut out text , but the images are copyright to Radio Times Website.

The Radio Times is on sale tomorrow (26/6/07) at the price of 98p , what a bargain for all this.
So what's stopping you getting your copy of the Radio Times?

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