Episode Review : Series 3 Episode 8 "Human Nature"

By Mark
Main Characters: The Doctor (David Tennant), Martha Jones (Freema Ageyman), Nurse Joan Redfern (Jessica Hynes)

Basic Storyline: The Doctor, with no other option, has to do something never done before. Chased by alien rogues (Jackstraws) with a green laser beam fired into the TARDIS. The Doctor decides the best thing to do is to "Stop Being A Time Lord" so the aliens can no longer track him down. For three months of being a human the Doctor (John Smith) will then again become a time lord, the aliens should have then died out after three months. Martha has to take the position of the Maid, the cleaner and acts as if she doesn't know anything except she does and is wise to all of the ongoings.
The Doctor's Time Lord configuration is then stored in the pocket watch , which Martha has responsibility to protect and keep for her hands and her hands only.
John Smith (The Doctor In Human Form) is a teacher at a school in the year 1913 where he wakes up every morning with vivid dreams of Time travel and aliens, magical events which he then writes and illustrates in a book he calls "A Journal of Impossible things"
The Family, show up on Earth in an invisible spaceship and take over the body of baines, a school prefect. The Family use the Jackstraws (Scarecrows as their henchmen) . The Jackstraws gather more victims to use as bodies for the Family.
John Smith and Joan Redfern are madly in love and even have a snog in the episode. In the episode we see John Smith save a baby and its mother from a falling piano, a very skillful technique. Talking to Joan he mentions Gallifrey is where he comes from , John Smith remembers more about The Doctor.
Joan and John attend the annual dance where they dance to the Waltz romantically. Martha is distraught as she realises that he has fallen in love with a human other than her. The Doctor left recorded instructions telling her what to do. Turning up at the annual dance are The Family.
Martha gives John his sonic screwdriver hoping her remembers.
The Family threaten the Doctor forcing him to turn back into the Doctor. John Smith is none the wiser and doesn't know what is happening. John is then forced to choose who survives Joan or Martha.
What a cliffhanger! Can't wait For " The Family Of Blood"
My Favourite Lines
The Doctor : "I Dream I'm This Adventurer ... This Daredevil. A Madman."

My Favourite Scenes:
1) The Doctor showing his "Journal Of Impossible Things", which was really interesting as we saw drawings of many previous encounters The Doctor has experienced. Also the flashbacks of the Monsters that Tom got when opening the Watch.

2) The Scarecrows approach John Smith (The Doctor In Human Form) to make his hardest choice ever. The Matron or the Maid? His Lover Or His Friend? Joan or Martha?
Broadcast :26th May 2007

Viewing Figures: 7.1m viewers, with a 36.3% audience share. Doctor Who was the most watched programme for Saturday.

Confidential : "Alter Ego"

Confidential Viewing Figures : Unknown at this moment

A Song which I personally think would go well into the episode : "How To Save A Life" When John Smith saves the baby and its mothers life.
My Rating: 10/10

Next Episode : Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 9 "The Family Of Blood"

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