Camera Trickery?

By Mark

The Daily Star report that the Doctor Who team have filmed 3 alternate endings, so the public can't leak it from watching filming. Thanks to cpotey from Doctor Who Mania for this information. Warning spoilers below don't look if you don't want a chance of a spoiler.

Here are what are thought to be the 3 alternate ending;
1. Martha teams up with a resistance army and defeats The Master - only to be abducted by aliens

2. The time travellers beat The Master but he booby-traps the TARDIS and as they prepare to leave Earth there is a huge explosion inside - leaving fans wondering whether they survive

3. The Doctor is mortally wounded and has to regenerate again

Personally I hope its not number 3 as I really want David Tennant to stay on as The Doctor, he's brilliant, Number 2 is possible as on the trailer we see an explosion in the Tardis and number one seems a bit unlikely to me. Who knows? , they might all happen. Martha is abducted by aliens , The Doctor and Jack in the Tardis it explodes and then The Doctor regenerates.

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  1. Anonymous 27 June 2007 at 15:49
    Hiya Marky
    Halez here
    i think its a mix of one and two, i think she joins a resistance team to free jack and together they save the doctor and kill the master, but jack must survive coz he is back in torchwood so i think the doctor leaves him again and they are in the vortex and then there is an explosion and they are stranded in the middle of time and space and you dont know if they are alive or not

    long winded isnt it LoL XD
    i'd laugh if i was right XD

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