Who's-round Part 3!

By Mark
Who's-round is like newsround but fills you in with all the lastest news in the who-niverse and everything who-biz.

Doctor Who

BBC Update

The BBC Official Doctor Who Website Has Been updated with new pictures,facts and many more stuff, including a lovely new flash homepage for "Human Nature" I have took a screencap of the homepage. Picture took by me. Copyright to Tardis And Torchwood Treasures and BBC.
Here Is a link to the episode guide with all the new features;
Episode Guide

Interesting Quote! " I Dream I'm This ... Adventurer ... This Daredevil,.... a Madman." I suppose this is a quote from The Doctor when he is remembering who he is!

Doctor Who Adventures # 30

Doctor Who Adventures 30 is due out this week - let's see what they have in store, courtesy of BBC Magazines...
Scares and scarecrows await readers in the new issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out Thursday 24 May. We’ll take you on a trip to 1913 for a special preview of the next two episodes, Human Nature and Family of Blood.

• Monsters – discover everything you need to know about the Cult of Skaro and their deadly ways.
• Comic strip – the Doctor and Martha land on a waterless planet and meet a whole host of horrible new aliens in part one of The Green, the Bad and the Ugly. Trust us, you’ll never look at a cow in the same way again…
• Adventure guide – read up on Martha’s first trip in the TARDIS with our guide to The Shakespeare Code.
• Interview – Totally Doctor Who’s Kirsten O’Brien is totally interviewed.
• Win – all sorts of cool stuff!
• Doctor’s data – facts about everyone’s favourite medical student, Martha Jones.
• Who knows? – your Doctor Who questions answered.
• Posters – this issue we’ve got exclusive posters of scarecrows, the Doctor and Martha, Daleks and Carrionites.
• PLUS all the usual quizzes and puzzles.
It’s another issue packed with gifts! Choose between a Judoon or Ood mask for instant monster appeal and there are two different sets of monster badges and stickers to collect. Plus, we’ve got the final part of our huge TARDIS poster for your wall.
Doctor Who Adventures issue 30, priced £1.99, is out on Thursday 24 May. Perfect for Doctor Who fans everywhere!

Merchandise Pictures

Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice Changer Helmet

12 " Judoon and Dalek Sec Hybrid Figure

Tardis And Torchwood Treasures News

Tardis and Torchwood Treasures will have an episode review for "42" hopefully tomorrow if not tomorrow then Friday, Something to look forward to.

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