Something Special!

By Mark

The BBC website has news on the "42" delay;
"Don't miss The Lazarus Experiment. Not that you would!
We're all as disappointed as you are that you'll have to wait an extra week between episodes six and seven of Doctor Who because of the Eurovision Song Contest.
However... even though there's no episode on 12 May 2007, the Doctor Who team have been working away feverishly to prepare a special treat for you at the end of this week's episode, The Lazarus Experiment.
Hopefully it'll make the wait for 42 seem a little shorter.
You'll also be able to to see it here on the website as soon as it's been on TV, and possibly behind the red button too if we can sort things out in time...
Stay tuned!"

Interesting I wonder what it will be? Post your ideas below.

Also David Tennant will be dematerialises onto Parkinsons sofa this saturday (Parkinson, Itv1) so be sure to watch that. I will be watching!

P.S Sorry for the character profile delay, I will now post them tomorrow, they have been delayed due to a lack of votes but will definately be posted tomorrow! Thanks

Enjoy the post!

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