A Masterful Theory!

By Mark
After watching both the trailers of "Coming Up" shown after "The Lazarus Experiment" and the next time trailer for "The Family of Blood" there has been an inriguing point which has come to mind of mine , I thought of it last night and have now found someone else who thinks the same as me and they have posted a youtube video. Thanks DalekEmperorJohn from Youtube ;

My Theory is (I have invisotexted because of spoilers highlight below to see my theory);

Tim the young kid will grow up to be The Master (John Simm) after all Tim has the watch and has seen many things. Also at the beginning of the episode "Human Nature" he seemed quite physcic when his guesses were true. Also when Martha bumped into him they had a flash forward to Martha bumping into him in the modern day. Very Strange!
So I think Tim will become Mr Saxon (The Master)

What do you think?
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Screencaps for the trailer of " The Family Of Blood" will be posted today!

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  1. Halez 30 May 2007 at 08:05
    Very good theory Mark, now you've said it i think so too!!!

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