John Number 1!

By Mark
News of the world published this in their newspaper yesterday! These are the words , exactly I quote;

Doctor Who star John Barrowman is launching a pop career - at the age of 40.
The gay actor, who plays conman Jack Harkness in the hit BBC show and the spin-off Torchwood, hopes to have a number 1 hit by Christmas.
He said last night: "Being number one is an ambition I would love to fulfil"

That is the article

John Barrowman is already a singer but a pop singer getting to number 1 would be great, I really hope this happens so John acheives his ambition, and i can buy a John Barrowman Single!

Good luck with the ambition John!

I would like to thank Dan for informing me on this news!


Enjoy my post!

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