Episode Review : Series 3 Episode 7 "42"

By Mark

Main Characters: The Doctor (David Tennant), Martha Jones (Freema Ageyman), Captain Mcdonnel (Michelle Collins)

Basic Storyline: The episode starts in the TARDIS where the Doctor makes changes to Martha's mobile phone, enabling it to call anywhere in time and space. The Doctor tells Martha this is a 'frequent flyer's privilege'. As Martha is about to phone her mother they land on a very hot spaceship. Taking into account that the engines are not in operation, Martha and the Doctor start to wonder what is going on in the ship. A monitor announces that the projected time until impact of the sun is 42 minutes (hence the episode title).
The Doctor suggests Martha and one of the crew to open a series of password-protected doors in order to get into the control room where engines can be activated so they can escape from the Sun.
Martha and Riley continue to open doors by answering Pub Quiz style questions set by the crew, years previously, after a night of drinking. The questions include a crew member's favourite colour, and the next in a series of what turn out to be happy prime numbers. To answer another question, Martha has to ring her mother, and Martha's Mum , Francine, is not alone there is a mysterious woman at her house.
Korwin's (Mcdonnels Husband) status is not good after reports of "seizure" from Abi. The crew hears Abi's pleads for assistance as Korwin gets up and backs Abi against the wall. Korwin speaks in a deep voice, "Burn with me". He opens his eyes and a powerful light (almost heatwaves) come out and Abi has been killed.
The crew now worried run up to where Abi was to find her burn out shape on the wall, Mcdonnel decides to make an announcement to the crew warning the crew to stay away from Korwin and they think he has resulted in the death of Abi. The Doctor makes the conclusion that He reasons that Korwin has been infected in some way by something, and can vaporize people somehow.
Another Crew Member, Erina Lessak, then says to herself i wish someone would just kill me (tired of chores) and it looks like Erina got her wish because Korwin was right behind her. So far Korwin had killed Erina and Abi. But who's next, 2 of the crew are already dead.
Korwin then goes to find Ashton. Eventually finding Ashton , Korwin says"they are getting too far", and infects Ashton too. Ashton goes after Martha and Riley, who are scared and lock themselves in an escape capsule (Not knowing it was an escape capsule).
Ashton tries to override the system and jettison the escape pod so Riley tries to make the jettison hold, the escape pod is changing action practically every minute.
Ashton then punches the system trapping the Doctor and Martha in the escape pod flying towards the sun. Trouble for Martha and The Doctor is there to save her every step of the way.
He puts on a space suit and tells McDonnell he is planning to pull the capsule back to the ship by setting the magnetic pull off the ship.
Martha phones her mum once more and tells her mother that she loves her and tries to get her to simply talk about her life (as if in a normal situation at home). Francine (Martha's Mum) is suspicious and asks and asks whether The Doctor is with Martha which then causes Martha in tears and hangs up the phone saying Martha loves her.
The Doctor meanwhile struggles to press the magnetic pull control buttons on the side of the ship saying its beyond his reach. Luckily he eventually manages it. Cimbing back into the ship The Doctor looks at the sun and realises its alive! Unfortunately by staring into the sun the Doctor is now infected. Martha and Riley get out the ship to find The Doctor lying on the floor where his eyes glow brightly. Mcdonnel arrives on the scene and the Doctor explains to her that she illegally mined the sun for fuel, without checking for life signs, she has seriously injured the living being within the sun. He tells them that the sun is alive in him, and tells them how they can save him.
The Doctor is placed into cryogenic stasis machine to get the sun entity out of him. Scared , The Doctor is heard for one of the first times admitting his nervousness and how scared he is he asks Martha to stay with him. Worrying he is going to die, The Doctor says to Martha
"There is this thing which happens when I am about to die" Implying Regeneration.
Martha doesn't listen and simply replies
"It doesn't matter because that is not going to happen"
Martha starts the freezing process but it is interrupted by Korwin, who turns off the power to the stasis chamber from the engineering department.
The Doctor then tells Martha that she must go to the front of the ship and jettison the fuel, to give the sun back what Mcdonnel stole so the Sun would no longer infect anyone.
The Doctor loses the fight against his possession and collapses onto the floor and gasping "Burn with me". Mcdonnel then encounters Korwin where she hopes he recognizes her but he only just about does. Mcdonnel opens the air lock and flies out towards the sun sacrificing herself with Korwin for the memories they had. Martha releases the fuel and the ship flies away with The Doctor no longer possessed.
Martha and The Doctor go back to the TARDIS where he gives her a TARDIS key for helping her saying its another 'frequent flyer's privilege'. The Doctor and Martha then head off for a new adventure.
Martha calls her mother back. Francine invites her over for tea and informs her that it is Election Day. Martha accepts, telling the Doctor to bring her home in time. After Martha hangs up, we see the woman, and two other men, tapping Francine's phone again. Confiscating the phone, she asks Francine who she has voted for, but Francine won't say. The woman thanks her for all she has been doing, saying "Mr. Saxon will be very grateful."
My Favourite Lines:
The Doctor : "That Sun's Alive! A living organism and They scooped out its heart, used it for fuel and now its screaming
Captain Mcdonnel : "What Do You Mean how can the sun be alive? Why is he saying that?"
The Doctor : "Because Its Living In Me"
My Favourite Scenes:
1) The Doctor reaches out to the button to take the escape pod back, epic music and really exciting.

2) The Doctor is possessed with his eyes heating up when he explains to Mcdonnel whats happened. Also the dumping of the fuel.
Broadcast :19th May 2007
Viewing Figures: 7.0m viewers, with a 36% audience share. Doctor Who was the most watched programme for Saturday.

Confidential : "Space Craft"

Confidential Viewing Figures : Unknown at this moment.

A Song which I personally think would go well into the episode :
"Hot" by Avril Lavigne , Its getting hot near the sun and the crew are hot.


"Its getting Hot In Here" Nelly , again same reason Its getting hot near the sun and the crew are hot.

My Rating: 10/10

Next Episode : Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 8 "Human Nature"

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