David Tennant, Arthur Eddington

By Mark
David Tennant is currently on location in Cambridge filming his role as Arthur Eddington in his latest project Einstein and Eddington.
The film is a collaboration between the BBC and America's HBO films, and will also star Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings films, as Einstein.

British scientist Sir Arthur Eddington (Tennant) was one of the most prominent astrophysicists in the first decades of the 20th century and the first physicist who understood Einstein's ideas of relativity.Einstein and Eddington kept a correspondence while their countries squared off in World War I. Because of the military conflict, no new developments in German science were being made known to the rest of the world. So it was Eddington's 1920 article, which offered proof of the relativity theory of gravitation using data from the 1919 solar eclipse, that introduced Einstein's theory of general relativity to the English-speaking world."Einstein and Eddington" was written by Peter Moffat, with Philip Martin set to direct. The two worked together on "Hawking," the BBC's 2004 biopic of Stephen Hawking, who is considered the greatest mind in physics since Einstein and took Einstein's general relativity theory one step further, unifying it with quantum theory.
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