Character Profile : Toshiko Sato

By Mark
Acress : Naoko Mori
Eye Colour : Brown
Hair Colour : Black

Information : Toshiko first appeared in the Doctor Who episode Aliens of London, when she was called in to examine a supposed alien corpse at Albion Hospital. On Torchwood,Toshiko is the Cardiff branch's technical expert. She does however still operate as a medical doctor, in Small Worlds she arrives at a police station to determine a man's cause of death.

In Greeks Bearing Gifts it is revealed that Toshiko's Parents were both in the Royal Air Force, and her grandfather worked at Bletchley Park, the World War II code-breaking facility. Sato joined a government scientific think-tank after graduating from university, and was recruited by the Torchwood Institute to work with Jack Harkness three years before. Toshiko's mum was seen in End Of Days persuading her to open the rift.

Toshiko received a telepathy-granting necklace from Mary (An Alien). Reading the thoughts of passers-by in the street, discovering Gwen and Owen's relationship and finding Captain Jack's mind a blank distressed Toshiko. She expressed despair and hopelessness, comparing human beings to Weevils , also noting that across space, all cultures were essentially similar, leading to utter disappointment with existence.

In Countrycide it appeared that Tosh's genius is not limited to technology. She was able to quickly assess the framework of a door, identify its structural weaknesses and whether or not it was reinforced.

Toshiko cut her own hand to write a note to her future colleagues in blood. In End of Days, Toshiko sided with Owen and Gwen against Jack after seeing an apparition of her mother, but in the concluding scenes she displayed remorse for her actions and Jack forgave his team.

More information will be posted after Torchwood Series 2 has aired.

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