A Total Monster!

By Mark

Radio Times is giving away the first of three packets of free Doctor Who stickers. Sticker packets will be free inside every copy of the magazine and will accompany exclusive editorial coverage of Doctor Who.Some of the stickers free in Radio Times are exclusive to the magazine, the others form part of Merlin's new sticker collection.

Free Doctor Who sticker album (Last Time I Completed Mine and got the Completion Sticker Too!)

As well as free stickers in the magazine, Radio Times readers can claim a free Doctor Who sticker album from WHSmith. The in-store promotion, a tie-up between Radio Times and Merlin will be featured in Discovery Zones in selected WHSmith High Street stores from Thursday 19 April for two weeks. Readers can also send off for the sticker album directly through the magazine if they cannot get to a WHSmith store.

And in the magazine:

An exclusive reveal of the new mutant Dalek Sec Hybrid (we are the only publication to show this picture) and interview with Russell T Davies: "I just thought, what a brilliant cover idea!” says Doctor Who regenerator Russell T Davies of RT’s revelation of the mutant Dalek Sec Hybrid in this week’s issue. “It’s hard to talk about it too much, because it [the hybrid] isn’t revealed until the end of the episode, and we don’t want to give away too much. But we love a Radio Times cover - how could we not?”

Also a step-by-step guide to creating the Dalek hybrid and pictures of Lazlo Pig, found in 1930s New York.

That Monster Is one scary hybrid I wouldn't like to meet that in a back ally!

Thanks DrWhoOnline for the pictures and information! Drwhoonline your site is brilliant!

So why not get out there and buy the radio times, its a bargain, you get a free doctor who sticker album a packet of stickers and even a lovely picture of a dalek hybrid you can cut out and stick in your room as a poster!


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