Sci-Fi's Sexiest Man!

By Mark
According To SFX Sci-Fi's Sexiest Man! John Barrowman

The Sfx awards were announced today with John Barrowman winning the Sexiest Man award so he won the Sex instead of Sfx award! (Sorry if that was a bit cheesy, my little joke)
David and Doctor Who fared very well in SFX Magazine's Annual Reader Awards.
David was voted Best TV Actor, Doctor Who won Best TV Show, with Best TV Episode gong to The Girl In The Fireplace.
Billie Piper won Best TV Actress, John Barrowman was named Sexiest Man and Russell T Davies was entered into the Hall Of Fame!
WOW Doctor Who stars and Torchwood stars seemed to do well then! A picture of John Barrowman (Sci-Fi's sexiest man according to SFX magazine) can be seen above.
Heres my congratulation paragraph;
Well Done David Tennant for winning the "Best Actor" award. Well Done Doctor Who for winning the "Best Tv Show" award. Well done to "Girl In The Fireplace" for winning the "Best Tv Episode" award. Well Done to Billie Piper for winning the "Best Actress" award. Well Done to John Barrowman for winning the "Sexiest Man" award and finally well done to "Russell T Davies" for going into the Wall Of Fame , all quite rightly deserved!
SFX Awards well done for making the right choices!
Do you agree with all the award winners? Make your comments below! Thanks!

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