Episode Review Series 3 Episode 5 "Evolution Of The Daleks"

By Mark
Main Characters: The Doctor (David Tennant), Martha Jones (Freema Ageyman), Dalek's and Daleks Sec (Voiced by Nick Briggs)

Basic Storyline: Carrying on from "Daleks In Manhattan" this episode was an exciting action packed adventure! The Dalek Mutant, talks to The Doctor saying the human races qualities such as war, anger and hatred the human race is much like the dalek race . The Doctor holds outa radio. Using his Sonic Screwdriver, he causes the radio to make a high pitched sound which deathens the Daleks and the pig-humans. Then, hastily on their feet The Doctor and Martha run with all the humans the daleks had captured through the sewers back to Hoover Ville, on their way they find Tallulah and she follows them.
Back at Hoover Ville Soloman announces there are creatures are out there and they need to arm themselves. Within a matter of a few minutes one of the campers at Hoover Ville spots a Pig-mutant and runs back to the The Doctor and shouts "Monsters" then the Doctor says "It's Started" The Pig slaves are grabbing people and taking them back to the sewers while all the people at Hoover Ville gather round the middle when suddenly a Dalek appears in the sky! Trying to reason with The Daleks, Soloman makes a brave speech and asks them what they say, The Dalek replies
Then the crowd go wild with Daleks blowing up Hoover Ville with great explosions! The Doctor shouts "Stop" then the Daleks analyse they have located The Doctor and are about to Exterminate him when Dalek Sec (Hybrid) shouts stop save The Doctor. The Doctor is told to follow and gives Martha the physcic paper which will allow her access into The Empire State Building.
Back at the Daleks hide-out Dalek Sec shows The Doctor their Genetics Lab full of humans with nothing left inside them, basically just a corpse. Dalek sec wants to fill their blood with partially dalek blood but the other Pure Daleks refuse and pump pure dalek blood into them.The Doctor and Laszlo escape to the elevator and ascend to the top of The Empire State Building. The Doctor climbs to the top spire where he tries to remove the Dalekanium but can't remove it in time before the Solar Flare. The Doctor then gets onto the spear and the blood which goes into the humans have part Time Lord DNA after the doctor got electrocuted. The Doctor then uses his sonic screwdriver in the theatre to allow the dalek humans (with the blood from genetic lab) are on the March to kill The Doctor to locate him.
The army breaks in. Daleks Thay and Jast come in, with Sec in a chain and crawling like a dog. The Doctor tries to tell the Daleks that what they have done to Sec is wrong, because he is the most intelligent Dalek who ever existed. They attempt to exterminate the Doctor, but Sec begs them not to and blocks their fire, which kills him. This angers the Doctor; he again tells the Daleks to order the Dalek-humans to kill him, but one human Dalek repeatedly asks "Why?", and eventually states that they are not Daleks. The Doctor reveals that, because he hugged the pole as the lightning came through, some Time Lord DNA was mixed into the hybrids and gave the Dalek humans freedom. The Dalek humans open fire on Thay and Jast and destroy them. Back in the building, watching via the visual link, Caan states that the Dalek humans are a failure and commands "Destruct", and the entire race dies.
After witnessing this genocide, the Doctor arrives at the Empire State Building, and confronts Caan and offers to help. He tells Caan that he is probably the only person in the universe that would give him mercy, because he has seen enough death today - they are now both the last of their species and he does not want to see another genocide. Caan replies with "Emergency temporal shift" and, as the Doctor lunges forward to stop him, vanishes. Laszlo is brought back to life by The Doctor and is allowed a place in Hoover Ville, Tallulah and Laszlo live on despite the changes from The Daleks.
So Caan is the only Dalek in existence. Exciting Plot!

My Favourite Line: The Doctor : "They have Time Lord DNA , just that little bit of freedom *winks*!"

My Favourite Scenes:

1) The Daleks fighting the Dalek Humans with Time Lord DNA.


2) The Daleks exploding Hoover Ville


3) The Doctor and Caans confrontation at the end.

Broadcast :28st April 2007

Viewing Figures: 6.5m (2 million more than Daleks In Manhattan) viewers, with a 37.8% audience share.

Confidential : "Making Manhattan"

Confidential Viewing Figures : Unknown at this moment

A Song which I personally think would go well into the episode : "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy" by Rotersand, the Daleks sing the chorus.

My Rating: 10/10

Next Episode : Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 6 "The Lazarus Experiment"

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