Episode Review Series 3 Episode 4 "Dalek's In Manhattan"

By Mark
Main Characters: The Doctor (David Tennant), Martha Jones (Freema Ageyman), Dalek's and Daleks Sec (Voiced by Nick Briggs)

Basic Storyline: The Doctor takes Martha to New York , America where they end up in Hoover ville , where mysteriously people are going missing. Diagoras turns up at camp asking for people to voluntear to go down to the ewers at the wage of $1, everyone disagrees apart from The Doctor, then Martha volunteers, then frank's and then Soloman . Down at the sewers The Doctor discovers a genetically engineered gooey green object which he later discovers as coming from Skaro. Pig slaves are down in the sewers kidnapping people for the Daleks. The Daleks, all the way at the top of the Empire State Building are planning their most mischievous scheme yet, the "Final Experiment" where they create Dalek/Human Hybrids, Dalek Sec sacrifices himself to create the first Dalek/Hybrid human using Diagoras. The Daleks are back and eviler than ever. At the centre of America a god-forsaked creature has been created, now just how are The Doctor and Martha going to stop the Cult Of Skaro and this mutant.

My Favourite Line: Dalek : "But there are millions of humans , and only four of us. If we are supreme, why are we not victorious?"

My Favourite Scenes:

1) The Dalek Hybrids Reveal


2) The Muscial "The Devil And The Angel"

Broadcast :21st April 2007

Viewing Figures: 6.3 Million Viewers with a 34.9% audience share, making it the most watched program of the day.

Confidential : "New York Story?"
Confidential Viewing Figures : Unknown at this moment

A Song which I personally think would go well into the episode : "Trouble" by Razorlight as some of the lyrics go "Trouble in America"

My Rating: 10/10

Next Episode : Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 5 "Evolution Of The Dalek's"

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