Episode Review : Series 3 Episode 3 "Gridlock"

By Mark

Main Characters: The Doctor (David Tennant), Martha Jones (Freema Ageyman), The Face Of Boe (Voiced by Struan Rodger) and Brannigan (Ardal O Hanlon)

Basic Storyline: The Doctor promises Martha to extend the definition of One trip in the TARDIS to one trip into the past and one trip into the future. The Doctor and Martha go into the city Of New New York On New Earth, where a mysterious motorway journey is taking place. And Just what is below the fast lane?

Cheen and Milo end up kidnapping Martha so they can access the FastLane on the Motorway, The Fast Lane can only be accessed with 3 people. The Doctor, companion less at the time goes looking for Martha and ends up nearly choking to death on the exhaust fumes produced by all the veichles on the motorway until Brannigan invites them onboard their veichle. The Doctor continues his search for Martha by making his way down entering various different peoples cars on the way down. Eventually he stops at a mans where it is the bottom layer before the fastlane. Hearing noises the Doctor decides to send the air vents blowing the fumes away so he can discover what is living beneath the Motorway. The Macra, ancient crabs are their, and they scavenge on humans. And just guess where Martha is? In the Fastlane. Novice Hame teleports the Doctor to the main city because the face of boe needs him. In the main city everyone is dead because they tried out the new mood "Bliss" which gave people a virus which killed the world in less than 7 minutes. The People on the motorway weren't lost they were saved from the virus. To tell the secret. The Doctor opens the motorway so everyone can access the upper city. Martha just escaping near death by the Macra flys up and finds the doctor, novice hame and The Face Of Boe dying on the floor. The face of Boe departs his great secret to the lonely traveller the words are

"You Are Not Alone" meaning the doctor isn't the only time lord alive!

My Favourite Line: Face Of Boe: "You Are Not Alone"

My Favourite Scenes:

1) The Doctor finds out the great secret


2) The Revealing of the Macra

Broadcast :14th April 2007

Viewing Figures:8 Million (39.6% of the audience share)

Confidential : "Are We There Yet?"

Confidential Viewing Figures : Unknown at this moment

A Song which I personally think would go well into the episode : "Fastlane" as in the Fastlane in the motorway.


"Chasing cars" the doctor was chasing all the cars to find Martha

My Rating: 10/10

Next Episode : Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 4 "Daleks In Manhattan"

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