Episode Review: Series 3 Episode 1 "Smith And Jones"

By Mark
Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 1 "Smith And Jones"

Main Characters: The Doctor (David Tennant), Martha Jones (Freema Ageyman), Plasmavore (Anne Reid) and The Judoon (Nick Briggs is the voice of The Judoon).
Basic Storyline: Martha Jones works as a trainee Doctor in a Royal Hope Hospital which gets transported to the Moon by the Judoon. The Judoon who act as police for alien crime are out on the look for the Alien killing humans and an Alien threat to Earth. Wandering around the hospital, the Judoon scan all the patients looking for the Alien. The Plasmavore is the Alien who sucks blood out of humans by forcing a straw into their neck. The Plasmavore is drinking blood so when she is scanned she shows up as human however that's why The Doctor and Martha are there, to save the day! The Doctor allows the Plasmavore to suck his blood, the Plasmavore thinking The Doctor is a human, however he is a Timelord. Now, The Judoon recognise The Plasmavore as an alien and "Sentence Execution" her. The doctor is brought back to life by Martha, after all she is a nurse.
The Doctor allows Martha to travel in the TARDIS for one adventure as a treat for bringing him back to life. However Martha will travel with the Doctor for more than one adventure yet to come in the forthcoming episodes of Series 3!

My Favourite Line: The Doctor: "The Judoon Platoon On The Moon"

My Favourite Scenes:

1) When the Judoon Commander marches into the hospital and unmasks showing its Rhino head.


2) When the doctor has to shake off the radiation produced by the technology killing the motorist looking people or aliens protecting The Plasmavore.

Broadcast : 31st March 2007

Viewing Figures: 8.2million (40% of the audience share) Making it the most watched program of the day.

Confidential : "Meet Martha Jones"

Confidential Viewing Figures : 790 000 viewers

A Song which I personally think would go well into the episode : "Have You Met Miss Jones" as in Martha Jones.

My Rating: 10/10

Next Episode : Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 2 "The Shakespeare Code"

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  1. Anonymous 1 April 2007 at 21:31
    Heyy Mark!!
    Halez here!
    my fav scene was when he shook the radiation out of his foot ^_^ then he thought martha meant he looked stupid coz he only had 1 shoe on so he threw the other 1 away to LoL
    Aww an then he started moaning that he broke his sonic screwdriver LoL aww that was sly

    ok im goin on now so im off, TOODLES!!!

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