Elizabethan Enemies!

By Mark
BBC have updated their official site with new "The Shakespeare Code" Pictures! That was one wonderful episode tonight! I loved it and weren't the Malevolent Carronites great! Here are some of the latest pictures and captioned by me ;

Doctor Who's brilliant concept of Elizabethan London. If you Look closely to the right you can see The Doctor and Martha running away!

Wicked Witches (Carronites)

Troubled Tardis (Elizabeth 1st's men after the Doctor)

This is a poster which featured in "The Shakespeare Code" which is a wanted boat which seemed to be called SS ROSE in my opinion this is much like The Doctor and Rose's Relationship. The Doctor wants Rose hence forth the WANTED. Rose has been stranded and shipwrecked onto the Parallel Universe away from The Doctor! So Sad could be the S.S or Stranded Ship, but we all know what S.S means as in a boat.

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P.S Sorry for the pictures of the exhibition delay they wont be up this weekend (Easter Weekend ) unfortunately, but watch out tomorrow for my in depth review of "The Shakespeare Code"

Enjoy Barrowmans Barrowfans


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