Dalek Theft Auto!

By Mark
Daleks In a Ps2 game? Well thats true what everyone has been waiting for, well sort of, personally I would prefer a whole game revolving around Doctor Who but this is still great. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas have now got a cheat which enables you to fly around in a Dalek and exterminate people in the sky! Daleks even chase you around the street! (Screenshot Below) The writing was edited in!

The Dalek replaces the hydra (plane) to fly about in, you get inside and EXTERMINATE, have fun I haven't yet found the code for the ps2 game but it is out there somewhere as my friend has shown me on his ps2! Enjoy Dalek Theft Auto!

P.S : Remember John Barrowman is signing autographs in London, Oxford Street tomorrow as i did earlier post. Enjoy meeting him those who are lucky enough to go to London! Also if any readers meet him and want to post there pictures or the slightest information please contact me on torchwood.jb@hotmail.com or alternatively comment on my Autograph Signing Post ;
I really would appreciate them thanks, even if you don't want them posted on the site :) thanks!

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