Character Profile: Gwen Cooper

By Mark

Actress: Eve Myles
Eye Colour: Hazely Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
More Information: Gwen Cooper is a fictional character in the BBC Television Series Torchwood, a Spin Off from the long-running series Doctor Who. Gwen Cooper is a former Police officer recruited into the Torchwood Institute. She is played by Eve Myles, who previously appeared as Gwyneth in the Doctor Who episode The Unquiet Dead. Russell T Davies has stated the two characters are not related.
Gwen Cooper is introduced in Everything Changes as a police constable in Cardiff. Much like the character of Rose Tyler in Rose, she serves to introduce the audience to the concepts of the show as her character discovers them. In the first scene of the pilot, Gwen is called in on a murder scene, only to encounter a mysterious team of individuals known only as "Torchwood". To satisfy her own curiosity (especially after witnessing the killing of a hospital porter by a Weevil), she tracks down the team and discovers the truth behind the organisation.
Gwen's relationship with the Torchwood members continue to progress negatively and positively. Towards the end of series 1 of Torchwood;
At the beginning of End Of Days, Gwen jokingly tells Rhys she is using telepathy on him. Throughout the episode, her emotions are played with as Rhys' life is threatened then taken away, eventually leading a Coup with Owen to overthrow Jack and open the Rift, believing it will resurrect Rhys. While ecstatic when eventually Rhys is returned at the price of Jack, who battled with Abaddon and remained dead for days. Gwen stayed by his side for the entire time, unwavering in her belief in him, before he is finally resurrected, and thanks her after she kisses his dead lips.

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