Character Profile : The Bane

By Mark
Computer Generated Image : The Mill

Eye Colour : Blue, Black and yellow

Hair Colour : None (No Hair)

Information : The Bane, in their natural form, are large tentacled aliens with one eye who appear in Invasion Of The Bane. They exhibit some level of mind-reading abilities. Their Bane Mothers are particularly large and are known to eat their young if they fail them. They were able to appear human through the use of image translators. The Bane sought to enslave mankind by getting them addicted to the soft drink Bubble Shock!, which contained organic Bane secretion, which when activated took control of its human host. Mrs Wormwood headed the Bane's disguised human front and created the Archetype. The drink Bubbleshock contains Bane. Sorry about the lack of information there was only one episode of Sarah Jane adventures so information is limited. More information will be posted as we get it.

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