Which Two Worlds Will Collide?

By Mark
Doctor Who Series 3 teaser was put up on the BBC Doctor Who Website 3 days ago and was aired on BBC1 last night, I know this seems late but I was waiting for the video to come up on Youtube so I can post the video here. Its only a 14 second teaser but here it is below;

Thanks to TheDoctor001 from youtube for the video. There has been a lot of speculation over which worlds will be colliding. A few ideas are as follows;
The Parallel world (Pete's World as The Doctor would call it) and our world. Would this mean the return of Rose, if so Billie's Back!
Martha's private world with just her family all peaceful and cosy turning into a world of time travelling, fun and aliens.
Post your ideas of the two worlds and your comments on the video in the comments section below, thank you!

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