Red Nose Reunion!

By Mark

David is pictured, alongside Catherine Tate, on the front cover of the new issue of TV&Satellite Week to publicise their sketch for Comic Relief.

David will be in a scene with Catherine's school girl character Lauren playing her new teacher. It will be shown on Friday 16th March on BBC One from 19:00pm. David and Catherine will be on from 20:00pm.
TV and Satellite Week is out now and shows what is on television in the week of 10th March - 16th March and is priced at £1.05
I can't wait to see David in the Catherine Tate Sketch, of course its not their first time on screen together. They were both in the runaway bride of course. Catherine Tate as Donna and David Tennant as the Doctor!
Congratulations to both of them for supporting Comic Relief! Its a Red Nose Reunion!

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