Merchandise Mayhem!

By Mark

The Face of Boe animatronic figure's merchandise picture has been released! Can i just say it looks amazing! £15 is the price of this bargain which will be able to buy from most toy retailers like Toys R Us! The schedule date is set for 15th May although there have been a few people telling people they have already got the figure. Who knows? I haven't found it yet and have been on the lookout for a long time!

Other news is that the Martha Jones figure is set for a 1st June release which was announced by Character Options earlier today. Unfortunately there isn't a picture of Martha's figure as of yet, but I will be sure to notice you when one appears. While the wait is there for the Martha picture, there is a nice picture of The Face Of Boe above for you to look at. Apparently one of the phrases which The Face Of Boe will say will be the big secret. But just what is the big secret? Post your ideas below in the comments section. Happy Figure-hunting for later this year!

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