March For Martha!

By Mark
Are you wondering when the next series of the gripping Sci-Fi BBC1 drama Doctor Who returns? Are you sitting there with nothing to watch on a Saturday night?

Doctor Who is Back!

The 31st March ( Which just happens to be my birthday) shows The Doctor return to our screens with his companion to be Martha Jones (Medical Student). Something is going wrong in a hospital on Earth. The Judoon , intergalactic stormtroopers, invade the hospital and transport the hospital to the Moon!

The Judoon are new aliens for Doctor Who and look like Rhinos! I reckon they look great! A Picture can be seen above.

Also on my birthday A Doctor Who Exhibition opens in Manchester (Where I Live) and David Tennant Will be there to sign autographs and have pictures took with him. He will be there to open up the exhibiton, cut the ribbon however you like to say it!

I cant wait, my birthday is going to be packed with Doctor Who, Doctor Who Series 3 starting on my birthday, Doctor Who Exhibition opening on my birthday and meeting David Tennant On My Birthday! WOW

Hopefully a Doctor Who Trailer Will air soon!

The 31st march has been confirmed by a BBC spokesman as the series airdate!

Roll on series 3.

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  1. Laura 19 March 2007 at 18:22
    Wow oh my god is david opening the museum? do you have any sources? xx

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