Character Profile: Rose Tyler

By Mark

Actress : Billie Piper

Eye Colour : Brown

Hair Colour : Black hair dyed Blonde
More Information : When Rose met The Doctor in Rose, she was working as a shop assistant at Henrik's department store in London. She also had a boyfriend named Mickey Smith and lived in a council flat in the Powell Estate with her mother Jackie. Rose left school without taking her A-Levels but did win the Bronze Medal in an under-sevens Gymnastics competition at her Junior School. Her father, Pete Tyler, died in 1987 in a car accident, the year after Rose was born. One night after the shop closed she encountered mannequins coming to life in the basement of the building. The Autons were about to dispose of her when the Doctor saved her life, although he went on to destroy the building in the process, depriving Rose of her job. She went on to aid the Doctor in tracking down the hiding place of the Nestene Consciousness that was animating the Autons and subsequently helped defeat its plans of world conquest. She then joined the Doctor on his travels in the TARDIS. Rose found it hard to cope when The 9th Doctor regenerated into The 10th Doctor. Rose seemed to have more fun with the 10th incarnation of The Doctor than ever. Unfortunately Rose was teleported onto The Parallel world, where her, Jackie, Pete, Mickey and Jackie's Expecting baby live. Who Knows? Rose may be back in Doctor Who if the rift in time and space between universes open. That's the beauty of Sci-Fi

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  1. Anonymous 31 January 2008 at 14:30
    OMG if rose comes back i will KISS THE FEET of the writers!!!
  2. Anonymous 5 April 2008 at 18:13
    OMGD shes backkkkk!!!! first episode!!!!
  3. Anonymous 5 April 2008 at 18:42
    Rose is back! WE just saw her at the end of the episode! This is so cool! If only the Doctor had followed Donna when she asked Rose to point out "Which bin" to Sylvia! If only!
    I wish she hadn't just disapeared! I can't wait until she comes back again, i bet she appears in more episodes before she comes back properly though. At least i hope so! Rose is back!

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