Catherine Tate, David Tennant Comic Relief DVD!

By Mark

The Catherine Tate Special - Limited Edition For Comic Relief 2007 (Exclusive to featuring David Tennant in a sketch is out on 9th April and can only be bought from amazon. Am I bovvered though? Well I thought all you whovians, woodies and smithies would be. The cover is to the left.

Well I'm going to pre-order it this weekend because I want to see the sketches on BBC One THE BIG ONE (Comic relief) tomorrow, so don't forget wear your red noses and show off your doctor who chocolates.

David certainly is in the comic relief spirit! (Can be seen below) It seems that he is eating the Doctor Who chocolate of himself!

Don't forget to vote on the next set of character profiles which you can vote for on the links under the cbox! Special posts tomorrow.

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