BBCI Trailer!

By Mark
This trailer was captured off the BBC Red Button service (BBCi). Includes a shot of John Simm. Originally shown at the Press Preview. There are some very exciting clips of new monsters! I have identified one of the monsters (hybrid zombie looking) to episode 6 The Lazarus Experiment as you can see Lazarus' machine in the background! Here is the trailer;

Captain Jack makes an appearance in this trailer shown saluting someone (most likely the doctor) hooray for Captain Jack played by the Excellent John Barrowman!
Only 2 days to go folks . Visitors of this website have now been named "Barrowmans Barrowfans"
I will post screencaps tomorrow of this trailer as the final teaser before doctor who starts.
Remember David Tennant will be On Dead Ringers And The Graham Norton Show tonight on BBC2!
Enjoy the video.

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