They Put the "U" in U.N.I.T!

By Mark
They put the "U" in UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) and the "F" in forums. Want to know who?

There site can be found here and there forum can be found here I have now added them to my links.

On the forum you can post in the threads unregistered, but you can also register and post under a username with a great display picture and even have your own rank!

You move up in rank after a certain amount of posts :) ( I am currently a Slitheen, only 42 posts off being an Ice Warrior) that means i have posted 558 times :)

Rutan - 0 posts
Auton - 50 posts
Zygon - 100 posts
Yeti - 200 posts
Slitheen - 400 posts
Ice Warrior - 600 posts
Cyberman - 800 posts
Dalek - 1,000 posts
Emperor Dalek - 2000 posts
This was the first ever doctor who or spinoff related forum I had ever signed up to and talked on. I have to say it is a really friendly forum run by Martin Hoscik.
In my opinion its my favourite forum, its just great. I hope some of you reading this now will sign up to the forum. Who knows I might speak to you there. Im registered under the name of Dalek Emperor.
So whats stopping you? Why not sign up to this free forum?

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