Tennant's Recovery!

By Mark
David Tennant stars in BBC drama Recovery tonight at 9 o clock on BBC 1.
This one off drama stars David Tennant (The Doctor in Doctor Who) as Alan Hamilton alongside Sarah Parish (The actress inside the Empress of Racnoss) as his wife Tricia Hamilton. Alan Hamilton (David Tennant) suffers a dramatic personality change following a road accident. After emerging from a coma, he loses his inhibitions, displaying childlike traits and an irrational temper. Simple tasks such as making toast and getting dressed are beyond him, leaving Tricia in despair and onging to regain the man she once loved!
One to watch! Feel Free to Post comments on your thoughts of the show below.
Every 20 posts im going to make a special post which you will find out what it is tomorrow, tomorrow is my 20th post.

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